Penfold's AEVUM

The Penfolds Aevum Imperial Service Ritual is a distinctive, handmade crystal objet d’art service vessel created to honor the release of the 2012 Grange by Australian winemaker Penfolds in collaboration with renowned crystal-maker Saint-Louis from France.

for forceMAJEURE Design

The Penfolds Aevum Imperial Serving Ritual is a statuesque piece that stands one meter tall. It precisely balances and elevates the wine to facilitate the perfect pour from the six litre wine bottle it is uniquely designed to hold. This limited edition production is a rarity with only five pieces in existence.


The Penfolds Auvum Limited Edition Crystal Decanter is designed to securely rotate on its base to areate the wine and decorated with a custome diamond cut to brilliantly diffract light.
This piece was produced with cristallerie Saint-Louis and awarded the the Prix du Jury by Formes de Luxe in 2017.


The Penfolds Auvum Limited Edition Crystal Decanter includes a bottle of the prestigious 2012 Penfolds Grange.